Business Intelligence for Affiliate Programs

DataPark offers full visibility of data collected by affiliate programs software (e.g. MyAffiliates). It offers total flexibility in segmenting that data to satisfy business needs at all levels of client’s organization (CxO, Directors, Product and Country Managers, Affiliate Managers, etc.) and strategic partners, too.
It is not bound to any particular software and it can be used equally well with any data source, including CRM, HR, accounting, web analytics, etc., combining the data into a single consistent view of all business processes relevant for decision making.

See Your Data DataPark offers full visibility of data collected by affiliate programs software

DataPark is a result of experience gained with one of major affiliate programs for iGaming. It uses terms common to business users and empowers users to create their own reports without technical knowledge.

No Technical Knowledge
Empowers business users to create their own reports without technical knowledge

Using DataPark, it is very easy to, for example:

  • identify best performing affiliates, affiliate managers, etc.
  • identify media that best converts impressions into clicks into new registrations and deposits.
  • monitor trends in any of brands, products, countries and affiliates performance, and their combination.
  • easily spot affiliates who have stopped promoting the brand or new ones that have high potential future profitability to help improve customer retention and churn.
  • analyze and understand fluctuations in revenues e.g. week by week.
  • compare performance against previous periods in time.
  • and whatever can be done with data…
  • Identify
  • Monitor
  • Analyze
  • Identify best performing affiliates, managers, etc.
  • Identify media that converts best.
  • Monitor trends in any of brands, products, etc.

As a result, DataPark helps companies to:

  • increase profit – e.g. by identifying most profitable affiliates, products, markets, and focusing marketing efforts on them.
  • reduce costs – e.g. by identifying fraudulent activities and using this knowledge to stop them and reduce chargeback costs.
  • improve CRM – e.g. analyzing CRM data to improve customer support, thus improving customer retention and churn rate, discover cross-sell opportunities, etc.
  • decrease risks – by empowering users to make informed decisions based on facts and numbers.

In addition, DataPark saves a lot of time and money in several other ways:

  • it is very quick to deploy and install new features.
  • it reduces startup costs.
  • it reduces the requirements for new personnel highly skilled in business intelligence and system administration (e.g. ~ $96k per person per year in Canada, according to
  • it eliminates the need to get additional hardware (~$20k per server).
  • it saves on software licenses ($30k ~ $300k per year).

Some of main features are:

  • Dashboards, where each user can at a glance monitor business indicators relevant for their role. Dashboards consist of one or more reports.
  • datapark dashboard sample

  • Each report can be accessed standalone, in tabular and/or graphical format (bar, line, area charts, gauges).
  • datapark report sample

  • Interactive pivot tables where users can analyze big amount of data starting from high level and drilling down into more details.
  • role-based security – each user can see only data that pertains to their role.
  • we offer full customization to fit client’s needs.
Support and
We offer full support and customization to fit client’s needs
Looking for more details on what you get with DataPark? Take the tour or send us your questions at
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